Enrolment Process

Zuccoli Primary School’s Priority enrolment areas are the suburbs of Zuccoli and Johnston (Johnston to be reviewed at the end of 2020).

Please contact our Front Office on 7923 0222 to make an appointment with the Principal.

Please bring the following information when enrolling your child:

– Proof of Residence in Zuccoli or Johnston
– Birth Certificate
– Immunisation records
– Any relevant health records
– Any relevant legal documents regarding family arrangements

Find links to the Student Enrolment Forms here:

Click here to download the Student Enrolment Form

What do I need to enrol my child

When enrolling your child you will need all of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Address
  • Immunisation Records
  • Details of any Medical conditions
  • Emergency contact details
  • Name of previous school (if appropriate)


Birth certificate or other identification

You will need to provide your child’s birth certificate or equivalent documentation:

  • Medicare card or health care card
  • Document from the government department or doctor that includes a date of birth and links the child to you

If your child was born outside of Australia, you must provide a passport or other documents such as a visa.

If you can’t give identification, your child can still start school. However, lack of formal identification may mean your child’s record are not accurate.

Proof of address

You will be asked to provide names and home address for you and your child and you may have to give proof of your address if the school is nearly full.

Medical details

You must provide details of any conditions your child has that may require special consideration.

Emergency contacts

You will be asked to provide telephone numbers, including a nominated doctor, in the event of emergency.


You must provide a Medicare immunisation history statement or the child’s immunisation card to preschool and primary schools.