Zuccoli Preschool Philosophy

Our philosophy creates a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaging environment that promotes connections and respect for our diverse learners. Our Preschool lays the foundation for our children to learn the Zuccoli Primary School values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity and Curiosity.


We view children as active participants and advocating for their own learning needs.

We acknowledge each child as individuals and value how each child’s qualities, characteristics and prior knowledge contributes to the experiences in our learning environment.

Teaching and Learning

We use the Early Years Learning Framework, in conjunction with the NT Preschool Curriculum, to inform our program.

Our preschool program is influenced by Kath Murdoch’s inquiry approach and draws upon Walker Learning pedagogy that values open ended play opportunities.

Our program promotes thinking, problem-solving skills, independence, communication, curiosity and exploration through a developmentally appropriate play.

Our educators facilitate, support and scaffold children’s learning through critical reflection and consultation with families to ensure a holistic approach.


We view our environment as an integral part of learning that engages children in exploratory play.  

We are committed to caring for our physical environment and promoting sustainable practices to encourage responsibility for the natural environment.


We acknowledge the role families and service providers play in the life of each child and endeavor to build respectful relationships through shared and open communication.