Our Learning Process

The teaching and learning process is underpinned by the

  • Zuccoli Pedagogical Approaches.
  • The Australian Curriculum is used for programming, planning and assessment for students in Transition to Year 4.

In addition to Literacy and Numeracy, cross curriculum skills are developed through an Inquiry Approach.

The school has a strong focus on Digital Technologies, with iPads, Laptops and interactive screens accessible in classrooms for students.

Zuccoli uses the DOE Framework for Inclusion.

Zuccoli Pedagogical Approaches

Inquiry Based Learning

Kath Murdoch’s Power of Inquiry underpins Inquiry Based Learning at Zuccoli. Inquiry learning begins with a question, problem or idea. Students carry out investigations, propose explanations and solutions and communicate their understandings in a variety of ways. Throughout the inquiry process, students observe, raise questions and critique their practices.

Age Appropriate Pedagogies

Age Appropriate Pedagogies are learner centered, involve the scaffolding of learning and engage students actively in the learning. Play based learning provides opportunities for students to actively and imaginatively engage with people, objects and the environment to enact ideas, create experiences, promoting holistic development and oral and narrative competencies.

Explicit Teaching

Explicit Teaching is a structured and systemic approach to teaching academic skills, guided by a stated purpose, explanation and demonstration and supported by practice and feedback.