Engage, Connect and Belong


We believe in learning through shared experiences

Zuccoli Primary School welcomes parents, guardians, carers and grandparents to enrich the lives of children through shared experiences.

Your connections and contributions assist staff to promote wellbeing, learning outcomes and develop our positive school culture.

Our school community members can volunteer their time in the classroom to assist with reading groups, fundraising events, assisting with excursions, organise social events, getting involved in committees, promote cultural and social diversity, becoming a member of school council, etc. If you would like to volunteer your time, reach out to the Front Office and staff will assist you in organising a time with the teacher.

Our volunteers empower our students’ learning.  

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller


We stand for unity

Zuccoli Primary School is working towards providing a community where students can grow to become the best version of themselves.

Our great strength is in the partnerships we forge with our students, staff, parents, guardians, carers and the wider community. These partnerships enable us to build on tradition and performance to enable our students to walk confidently into their futures.

Some of our partners include:

  • NT Music School – through the Beat Choir program and individual instrument tuition
  • School Of Sport Education NT – Organisation of Gala days and regional athletics
  • SEDA College NT – assisting Zuccoli Primary School with sport programming and offering SEDA students experience in a school environment
  • Darwin Language Centre – co-teaching Auslan Signing Program
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme providers and therapists through school visits
  • Charles Darwin University and other Australian universities– placements for pre-service teachers
  • Northern Territory Principals Association – provision of professional development and advocating for leaders in schools
  • Sporting Schools Australia – provides grants for Sport programs at Zuccoli Primary School
  • Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School – shared facilities and events
  • Meaningful Maths Collective – Darwin and Palmerston
  • Local member for Spillet: Mrs Lia Finocchiaro through sponsorship of selected events and contributions to school awards
  • Northern Territory Learning Commissioners
  • Student Voice Positive Choice


We look for opportunities to connect

As one of the newer schools in Palmerston, Zuccoli Primary School is developing a calendar of events which will help solidify and develop the school’s presence in the Top End region.  We have events that have been established and we are now working towards events that will contribute to developing a stronger community culture.

Through events Zuccoli Primary School aims to:

  • Raise our profile
  • Showcase students’ talents
  • Bring the community together
  • Celebrate diverse cultures and
  • Build school culture

Zuccoli Primary School holds multiple events throughout the year that our community can volunteer and assist with.  Although we have dedicated staff to manage the events, we always welcome the extra sets of hands to help our events be the best that they can be.


** Biennial calendar under construction (to be hyperlinked once available)