Zuccoli Primary School is located in the suburb of Zuccoli located in Palmerston, Northern Territory. The suburb was named after Guido Zuccoli who owned Steelcon Constructions, which won two major Australian Engineering Awards, for the Palmerston Water Tower and the Darwin Flyover. In the 1970’s -1990’s he built/rebuilt various aircrafts and competed in numerous national and international aerobatic competitions. He died tragically in 1997 in a flying accident.

The school was officially opened by the Education Minister, Selina Ubio on 28 January 2020.


The design of our school logo is based on an aircraft which Guido Zuccoli flew at Aerobatic Flying Competitions. The plane is in a manoeuvre flying towards the future. Students at Zuccoli are are embarking on their education journey. Learning is a cycle that has various entry and exit points, just like an aerobatic plane undertakes. On top of the plane’s wings are the pages of a book - acknowledging the school and the learning that takes place within.