Numeracy is the ability to understand and apply appropriate mathematical concepts and skills effectively, to solve problems and meet the general demands of life, at home and work, now and in the future.

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics is the basis for programming and planning. The curriculum is organised around three content stands and four proficiency strands.

The three Content Strands are Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Probability, Statistics and Space. They describe what is to be taught and learnt.

The four Proficiency Strands are Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, and Reasoning. They describe how content is explored or developed, that is, the thinking and doing of mathematics. They provide the language to build in the developmental aspects of the learning of mathematics and have been incorporated into the content descriptions of the three content strands described above.


Resources and Programs

Meaningful Maths

We are a member of the Meaningful Maths coalition of schools. The focus of Meaningful Maths [M2] in NT Schools is improving student achievement in mathematics through improving the professional capability of teachers. The approach is informed by developing understandings about mathematical learning and effective professional development.

All classroom Numeracy programs will be implementing the Australian Curriculum and informed by Meaningful Maths philosophies and beliefs. Students will be exposed to numeracy specific vocabulary derived from the Australian Curriculum and NZ Maths.

Focussing on the sequence of New Zealand (NZ) Maths global stages through emergent (stage 1) to Advanced Proportional (stage 8).

Number is the major strand delivered in class programmes and is incorporated across the curriculum where possible to include everyday contexts.

Meaningful Maths information sessions are held throughout the year for parents to understand how Mathematics is taught at Zuccoli.