Music & Performing Arts


Semester 1 – Music

In Semester 1 students take part in music lessons. Students from Transition to Year 6 are given the opportunity to engage in a range of tunned and untuned instruments including xylophones, djembes, recorders and handheld percussion. Students explore the Music Elements and then use them in their own compositions.


Semester 2 – Performing Arts

In Semester 2 students from Transition to Year 6 take part in Performing Arts lessons. In Term 3 there is a focus on Dance and Term 4 Drama. Students learn a choreographed dance in preparation for our School Concert which is a highlight of the year for many students and teachers. Students will be exposed to a range of dance styles and elements and have the opportunity to help choreograph moves for their class dance.

In Drama students will be exposed to improvisation and role play. They will have the opportunity to engage in self-expression and dramatic play.   


Beat Choir

We offer students in years 5 and 6 the opportunity to audition for the Beat Choir. Students rehearse the assigned songs once a week in preparation for the Beat Festival in September.