Zuccoli Changemakers

Zuccoli Changemakers is group of 15 students which aims to give young students a voice in their school, the power to make positive choices, changes and the confidence to stand up for what is right.

Each year, Zuccoli Primary elects 15 of our Year 3/4 students to represent the voice of their peers and bring about positive change. Students meet fortnightly to discuss the needs of their school community and how they can meet these needs. Through these meetings, they brainstorm, select, develop, and implemented a range of activities and initiatives across the school, such as:

  • Harmony Day
  • PINK Day (raising money for cancer research)
  • School fundraising initiatives such as Crazy Hair and Crazy Socks Day
  • Monday Mornings Meet and Greets
  • Hosting Fortnightly Assemblies
  • Student Voice Stands